Marco da Silva Ferreira

Borned in 1986 from Santa Maria da Feira and graduated in physiotherapy by Instituto Piaget, Gaia (2010).

Professional performer since 2008, have been dancing to André Mesquita, hofesh Shechter, Sylvia Rijmer, Tiago Guedes, Victor hugo Pontes, Paulo Ribeiro among other. Marco worked as artistic assistant to Victor hugo Pontes in the work “Fall” and “Se alguma vez precisares da minha vida, vem e toma-a” and in 2014 was movemnet assistant in the theatre piece “Hamlet” from Mala Voadora. Since then, is been collaborating with other artists in small co-creations.

His work as choreographer is been developed around the dance existant in the urban context, in a continous research about the meaning of dance which emerges nowadays, under an abstract expressionism and self-biographic. The highlight in Marco’s carrer are HU(R)MANO (2013) which was in the Aerowaves Priority Companies (2015) and was performed in internacional festivals in Barcelona, Mercat des las Flors; Paris, Atelier Carolyn Carlson (June Events); Rio de Janeiro, Festival Panora; Lublin Dance Theatre, Poland; London, The Place, Currency Festival; Meylan, l’héxagone; (re)connaissance, Grenoble; Lyon, Les Subsistance, moi de la danse. BROTHER (2016) premiered in Teatro Municipal do Porto and was Aerowaves Priority Companies (2018) in Sofia. The internacional tour has been long Paris, Théâtre des Abbesses; Biennale de Lyon; Julidens, Amsterdam; Hellenic Festival, Athens; Charleroi Dance; La Passerelle, scène nationale de Saint-Brieuc; Scènce Conventionée Danse, Pau; Centre de Développement Choréographique National, Strasbourg; Espace1789, Paris; Interplay Festival, Turin, Italy; Le Grand T, Nantes; Théâtre Jean Vilar, Paris; Teatros del Canal, Madrid; Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel Mamer, Luxemburg; Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest; Dansens Hus, Oslo and received several dance media reviews which solidified the authoral work. Bisonte (2019) premiered in Teatro Municipal do Porto and it was prerformed lately in Teatro Municipal São Luiz, Lisbon; La Raffinerie, Bruxelas; PT’19 in Montemor-o-novo and have in 2020 an international tour (Toulouse, Bourdeux, Lyon and Paris) Between 2018/2019 Marco was associated artist in Teatro Municipal do Porto and in 2019/ 2020/ 2021 became associated artista in Centre chorégraphique national de Caen in Normandie.