In Hu(r)mano, four dancers lift themselves into an atmosphere which runs parallel to that of the real, elevating into a dimension of collective human urban movement and their natural condition of vitality.

This is a constant search for the meaning of dance and the value of movement resulting in an abstracted and mutated form - a shared search that is sought intuitively and a tuned to contemporary dialogue. 

These transhumanized beings hold an imminence that moves them. Forming a statement that converges the multiple performers frame of mind and presenting that is contain within themselves.

direction and choreography Marco da Silva Ferreira

performers Anaísa Lopes, Duarte Valadares, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Vítor Fontes; (André Cabral e Gonçalo Cabral)

technical direction and light design Wilma Moutinho

music Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins

executive production Célia Machado

production Pensamento avulso, associação de artes performativas

coproduction Teatro Municipal do Porto-Rivoli e Campo Alegre; Materiais Diversos

residency partners Jazzy Dance Studio; Feira Viva; o espaço do tempo, Teatro Virgínia e Quinta do Rio

financied by Governo de Portugal/ Secretário de Estado da Cultura/ DGArtesDireção Geral

support Aerowaves Priority Companies 2015